Property of Wilson Signature Photography

Studio Rental

I have a small photography studio I’m willing to rent out any free time to those who have their own camera and would like a chance to use professional equipment to take their own pictures.

Cost: $25 per hour (two-hour minimum)

Equipment (not concise):

  • 1 White-Lightning X1600 monolight
  • 3 White-Lightning X800 monolights
  • 1 AlienBees ringflash
  • Cybersync remote for wireless control of the strobes from the camera
  • A variety of light modifiers, including softboxes (two 7' umbrellas, one 46" softlighter, one large 23×48", two 12×56" striplights, and one 24×24"), a beauty dish with a diffuser, and an assortment of umbrellas, reflectors, scrims, gels, barn doors and a snoot.
  • Several large backgrounds, including cloth backgrounds (white, black, gray, sky blue, green, and a gray muslin) and vinyl (white, black, and an old room image), plus some sheer overlays.

The equipment is not for rent outside the studio, and in accordance with my lease, I must be present when rented. During rentals, I’m more than happy to mind more own business or help out in any way I can.

If you’re interested in renting, just visit my contact page to send me a message.